Vision, Mission & Values


Capital Store's Vision is to create the best branded outlets as well as be recognized for providing amazing brands, fabulous ambiance with fast & efficient service .We aspire to be recognized as the most admired luxury retailers in Oman, and to be a positive contributor towards the community.


We take pride in providing an exceptional luxury shopping experience that caters to our customer’s desires by offering the best in luxury.

Our Values

At Capital Store, our values form the core of who we are both as individuals and as a company. Creating a people-driven culture, we strive to establish the perfect environment for our staff, customers and associates.

Virtue through our organization’s approach to try and achieve the highest level of transparency.

Ambition to grow not only bigger but better, so that our employees reach greater heights as professionals.

Loyalty towards our staff to create trust, reassurance & comfort.

United as a whole company by valuing our greatest asset - People. This has led to a highly professional, enthusiastic, fun loving group of people with great attitude, passion and integrity.

Evolving constantly with trends and at the same time keeping our core beliefs the same.

Synergy of all the above to reach the ultimate state of perfection as an employer& a retailer.